Comparison with other TCM databases

+: database providing this function;

-: database do not providing this function;

NA: data or attribute could not obtained from corresponding paper and database website;

* TCM basic theory:

Drug combination theory (Yao et al., 2013)

Dissection nature of "qi" and "blood" in TCM (Liu et al., 2013)

Types of coronary artery disease in TCM (Zhou and Wang,2014)

herbal medicine synergy (Wang et al., 2013)

Mechanisms of action for TCM formula (Li et al., 2012)

** New drug development:

Development of new herbal combination (Li et al., 2014)

Discovery new active components from herbs (Zheng et al., 2013)

Screening active components from herbs (Tao et al., 2013)



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