TCMSP: Traditional Chinese Medicine Database and Analysis Platform.

TCMSP is a unique systems pharmacology platform of Chinese herbal medicines that captures the relationships between drugs, targets and diseases.

The database includes chemicals, targets and drug-target networks, and associated drug-target-disease networks, as well as pharmacokinetic properties for natural compounds involving oral bioavailability, drug-likeness,intestinal epithelial permeability, blood-brain-barrier, aqueous solubility and etc.

This breakthrough has sparked a new interest in the search of candidate drugs in various types of traditional Chinese herbs.

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The searching module provides five functions

(1) Herbal information.

(2) ADME data for each compound.

(3) Targets information.

(4) Diseases information.

(5) Pathway information.

The searching results include: all compounds with 3D structures, ADME data, drug-target networks, target-disease networks. Moreover, this platform also provides a chemical screening process based on ADME features.

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